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True 3D Modeling

Three dimensional renderings are superior to two dimensional floor plans when designing a new custom home or addition.  The client can clearly visualize what's being presented to them and make more informed decisions. We use three dimensional renderings throughout the design process to help the you visualize the different room layouts, roof lines, and other architectural choices.

We don't just design your new home . . .we model it for you with furniture, people, and light fixtures that cast shadows . . . so you know exactly what it will feel like.  We can show you the model from inside at any room, above with no roof so it looks like a doll house, or what it will look like when you drive by on the street.

The power of 3D modeling is amazing and something you must have when making construction decisions. When do you get to see the 3D renderings?  Most design build companies will design using flat 2 Dimensional floor plans until the design is completed then creat a perspective rendering for you.  Not Pacific Style Design.  We use the three dimensional modeling throughout the design process so you get the benefits of it's awesome design power.

ADU Home Design

The new Accessory Dwelling Unit legislation now makes it easier than ever to create the extra small home you need for inlaws or extended family.

Most properties on Oahu will be eligible for the ADU program. Let us design one for you Today!

Green Home Design

  • Using the latest energy efficient materials and solar collection and storage technologies

  • Taking advantage of the breeze to cool and the sun to bring light to your living spaces and power your appliances

  • Designing a lighting and electrical system that is modern, pleasant, and efficient

  • Making your new home to flow with your life patterns

  • Designing around your use of digital devices and applications
With today's soaring energy costs and environmental concerns we offer the most green choices which fit in your budget. We can design using all the new technologies available.