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Home Design and Construction Management Services


Reasonable Design Services

Architectural Features

Any architectural design and or ammity that you can dream of or have seen in magazines or TV shows can be included in your project.  Just ask us and we will accomodate you based on your desires and your budget.
The magnitude of contracting to build your new home or addition is overwhelming so we start the design process with a very low cost Design and Estimation contract which allows you to see exactly what your new home or addition will look like in three dimensional modeling and how much it will cost to build . . .all at a low cost. ​We can produce a beautiful design specifically for you in a month at a very low cost. We will then take you step by step through the Permitting and Contracting process.

Designing Reality 

Creative Touches

Personalized your new home by adding those creative touches that make it unique and interesting weather it be Ohia trees in the living room, a built in fish tank, or a teak paneled office.​​​
Many clients come to us after having someone  design plans for a home that they cannot afford. By designing with the budget in mind from day one we create designs and plans for beautiful homes that  actually get built! We call this Budget Driven Design Build. By working with our Licensed General Contractors from the very start of the design process we can estimate the cost of the construction before the plans are completed. We will have a Contract for Construction prepared from one of our Licensed General Contractor Partners waiting for you at the end of the design process.

We Design It Your Way

Our Design Service is an extension of your imgination. First and most important is we listen to you. The design we create is based on your needs as a family. life flow is our mantra and your new home will be designed around your lifestyle, your family members, and your life patterns. We take the time to discuss with you the use and purpose of each room and even include the furniture layout as a part of the architectural design. We are the only Design Company that actually drafts in front of you. The final design is done with you present and included in the design process!


Please come visit us at our booth at the Building Industry Association expositions this year.  See all the wonderfull new building materials, technologies, and services available.